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Mosque amir chakhmagh

Mosque Amir Chakhmaq


Amir flint set the most significant collections of historic city of Yazd is considered almost in the middle of the old city and the texture of Yazd and important strategic points is considered.
This sets the point value streets in the city include the mosque, leaning, F. Monument suttee, Qanbar Bazaar Haji, F. suttee water storage, water storage, and Palm is relying Amir flint. This collection of works of the ninth century AH the flint of his commanders and Amir Jalaleddin Amray Timurid Shahrukh Hkvmyt Yazd when his wife was suttee with Fatima Khatun for prosperity, founded the city. Founders of the mosque in the north, the field was created and now remains is the center of Yazd.

The field in the Safavid era the same name was known. Shah Abbas by restoring some of these works, including four Svqy inn is built on. Early thirteenth century Hijri Market Square in front of the mosque and the entrance has become a mounth. However what is certain at the time, this place does not have the role mounth, because making such a space of time after the Safavids in Iran has become prevalent. Mir flint in East Square, named Haji Qanbar market there.
The market buildings are Nzamaldyn Haji Qanbar Jahanshahi. This person that the Nagorno Jahanshah Qryvnlv Yazd had reached a state other effects built in Yazd. Later on in the market to build a beautiful and long style buildings built in Yazd Tkyhhay. This massive building is one of the city of Yazd Reagents and when they say "Myrchkhmaq" Mradshan Bnast same effect while Amir is flint. Flint Amir Mosque in Yazd on the name of the new mosque is also called.
Safavid period efforts Amir Jalal al-Din Shami flint Amra’ ruler of Yazd, and commanders and port adducent Shahrukh and his wife suttee (BBC) Fatima Khatun is constructed. The mosque in 841 AH. Finished as the beauty, breadth, importance and validity of the mosque is located in the city described in the mosque should be said that Kryas (front door of the building owned) Mosque Mir flint open field , the stone has been installed on the line to the text of a manuscript Vqfnamh is Nqr. In the northern corridor of the door into the yard to be Kryas, networks of tiny mosaic tiles have been installed in the windows. Part of the entrance porch Kashykary page is diaphoretic and is Jrz·hay the brick color.

External round dome and the belt of the phrase "God ... Alsltan aegis." Tkrarshdh building is to Kofi. Mosaic tile altar of the main stage with Mogharnas construction work in the middle of the marble as much Khvshtrashy 1 / 15 * 3 / 38 meters installed. And in the middle of a flower business Mnqrs square size 54 * 95 cm is installed and left in Iran, a marble to the size 28 * 30 cm is installed. Mosque in the eastern head of the tile mosaic with an inscription to the third line is Mohammed al-Hakim. Trkdar curved dome of the mosque with green tiles and the surrounding tiles as well as the Kufic inscription is located.
Mir Mosque flint with mosaic tiles and arches Mogharnas effect that the beauty of times after the Contract and the mosque, also known as the New Mosque. In this collection of two names to the water reservoir and rely suttee Fatima Amir flint (Haji Qanbar water storage) there are Water Street warehouse suttee Fatima Sheikh Amir Asadollah Square on the south side were flint and is related to the Safavid period.
While the water reservoir level between lean Amir flint and rely Bazaar Haji Qanbar located and probably dating to the Safavid period arrives. The water storage as currently used water museum.

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Mosque Amir Chakhmaq

Amir flint set the most significant collections...
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