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Zoroastrian temple of Yazd


Temple consists of two parts. The fire is the fire and the house means Kdh house fire. Some people like it that bars and pubs Pagoda and the FQ have said.
Hooshang fire when discovered that if such a device did not fire again to turn it to the fire command Ng·hbanany Houshang Gmardnd to take care of it and they will prevent the off. Wind and rain outside the cave, the fire inside the cave and brings harm caused by the burning of wood smoke was unbearable to think of that went to build a house on fire and fire to the house brand. From here we promised Ferdowsi Hakim great human civilization and steps taken towards Proceed.

News discovered the fire around which they came to win Tshkdhay fire that had made the order came Houshang because they did not know how to keep the fire to take off and not his. Ng·hbanhayy that were kept from the fire and the fire had experienced escorted to deliver his new home. To those of Tshha care nurses were told to fire and that some Zoroastrians today Tshprst mistake of saying the word roots. Tshprst nurses were not on fire.
Drawing fire from the temple to take the time being because tool for fire wood was forced to do. Human After they learned how to fire again if the new temple was built and the fire went to the nearest temple for the new temple and a thousand years ago brought many Iranians who emigrated from Iran to India along with his fire and now they took Tshkdhshan the temple "Vdvada" is held.
Yazd, one of the oldest temple temple on Iran. This temple has many visitors, especially from across the Iranian New Year holiday to visit the temple come to Yazd. The hosts are because of culture, and politics have no clear reason being the Fire do not know, those questions. It is true that you're Tshprst? Yazd Zoroastrian Association officials that day with several questions of this kind face, but such comments are needed daily is repeated several times and the same silence and remain silent than to answer some of the visitors is causing resentment. A visitor who makes such a question should be proud that this is a fire detection and Hooshang it was the civilized world.
But rather long on each new temple, which made the temple the other prestigious Tshsh? After the initial fire to the temple which was built by order reaches Houshang.
Nursing Zoroastrian fire was completed today and until you see it and know that Iran had discovered fire, the civilized world. Such ignorance and that some of those questions should be tolerated because of cultural work wants to know the time for temple officials Yazd is difficult, it turns out Ferdowsi Mybrdh suffering from this issue that said:

Mgvyyd were Tshprstan
Prstndhy were clean Yazdan



Mosque Amir Chakhmaq


Amir flint set the most significant collections of historic city of Yazd is considered almost in the middle of the old city and the texture of Yazd and important strategic points is considered.
This sets the point value streets in the city include the mosque, leaning, F. Monument suttee, Qanbar Bazaar Haji, F. suttee water storage, water storage, and Palm is relying Amir flint. This collection of works of the ninth century AH the flint of his commanders and Amir Jalaleddin Amray Timurid Shahrukh Hkvmyt Yazd when his wife was suttee with Fatima Khatun for prosperity, founded the city. Founders of the mosque in the north, the field was created and now remains is the center of Yazd.

The field in the Safavid era the same name was known. Shah Abbas by restoring some of these works, including four Svqy inn is built on. Early thirteenth century Hijri Market Square in front of the mosque and the entrance has become a mounth. However what is certain at the time, this place does not have the role mounth, because making such a space of time after the Safavids in Iran has become prevalent. Mir flint in East Square, named Haji Qanbar market there.
The market buildings are Nzamaldyn Haji Qanbar Jahanshahi. This person that the Nagorno Jahanshah Qryvnlv Yazd had reached a state other effects built in Yazd. Later on in the market to build a beautiful and long style buildings built in Yazd Tkyhhay. This massive building is one of the city of Yazd Reagents and when they say "Myrchkhmaq" Mradshan Bnast same effect while Amir is flint. Flint Amir Mosque in Yazd on the name of the new mosque is also called.
Safavid period efforts Amir Jalal al-Din Shami flint Amra’ ruler of Yazd, and commanders and port adducent Shahrukh and his wife suttee (BBC) Fatima Khatun is constructed. The mosque in 841 AH. Finished as the beauty, breadth, importance and validity of the mosque is located in the city described in the mosque should be said that Kryas (front door of the building owned) Mosque Mir flint open field , the stone has been installed on the line to the text of a manuscript Vqfnamh is Nqr. In the northern corridor of the door into the yard to be Kryas, networks of tiny mosaic tiles have been installed in the windows. Part of the entrance porch Kashykary page is diaphoretic and is Jrz·hay the brick color.

External round dome and the belt of the phrase "God ... Alsltan aegis." Tkrarshdh building is to Kofi. Mosaic tile altar of the main stage with Mogharnas construction work in the middle of the marble as much Khvshtrashy 1 / 15 * 3 / 38 meters installed. And in the middle of a flower business Mnqrs square size 54 * 95 cm is installed and left in Iran, a marble to the size 28 * 30 cm is installed. Mosque in the eastern head of the tile mosaic with an inscription to the third line is Mohammed al-Hakim. Trkdar curved dome of the mosque with green tiles and the surrounding tiles as well as the Kufic inscription is located.
Mir Mosque flint with mosaic tiles and arches Mogharnas effect that the beauty of times after the Contract and the mosque, also known as the New Mosque. In this collection of two names to the water reservoir and rely suttee Fatima Amir flint (Haji Qanbar water storage) there are Water Street warehouse suttee Fatima Sheikh Amir Asadollah Square on the south side were flint and is related to the Safavid period.
While the water reservoir level between lean Amir flint and rely Bazaar Haji Qanbar located and probably dating to the Safavid period arrives. The water storage as currently used water museum.


Six ventilation Yazd water reservoir


Including water storage facilities that are dependent on subterranean water storage for use in winter and summer have been used. Six ventilation water reservoir in a neighborhood of the same name is located in Yazd city.
The large water reservoir Prhjm over 2000 cubic meters capacity, and two milk or had access to tap water reservoir which one to use for Muslims and other religious minorities are Zoroastrians.

The water reservoir is six funnel, three windward it was built from scratch and three others later windward of the accession, with little difference in accuracy on Tuesday funnel shape funnel with other Badgyrhay the old is evident. Six funnel water reservoir according to climate and wind direction in this region are sided figure eight.
Tank height - height louvre - louvre beautiful architecture and materials used in Chinese brick entrance and decorative features of its proprietary water reservoir 6 ventilation that it has a great reputation.
Total number Plkanhay the water reservoir 50, reservoir height, 6 / 12 m and height of funnel 10 meters


Alexander Prison


Alexander Zyayyh prison or school now hosts many tourists and local and foreign tourists is one of the major tourist places of Yazd is considered.
According to ISNA Yazd with the longest prison with eight centuries old Alexander in the corner of the world's largest adobe city, has Jakhvsh. More Zyayyh school that Alexander is known to prison, and to the eighth century Zya’aldyn Hussein, father of the mystics Sharaf Ali Yazdi Yazdi, is built. Building this prison built in 631 AH and in the year 705 AH is completed.

Dome has a long adobe building has stucco decoration and adornment, the watercolor paintings that have been gold and azure.
Special feature of this collection, the beautiful dome architecture school as a way of building that it can be in other domes in Mongolian period observed and it seems, building schools and Kmalyh Hosseinian Rknyh and duplication of this is building.
Also bedchamber school, with the altar and around the school yard porch that is built with the west side of the porch is bigger and Mehrabi plaster.
There is a strong possibility that the prison remains one of Alexander's family homes and dome Razi remaining monument was their graves.
Type of materials used in brick in prison is often Alexander the dome of the Islamic Revolution by master architect Khorrami mullah is repaired with brick


Garden State Abad


Government Abad Garden in Yazd in old gardens in the country of Iran. Input section when the night garden
This building set in 1160 by Mohammad Taghi Khan known Bafgh the Great Khan was built around 260 years old and have a residence time and contemporary ruler Shahrukh Mirza Karim Khan Zand and has been. The building should provide the descendants of Mohammad Taqi Khan (Rahimi patriarch) is owned by Heritage and is now under Muhammad Ali Mzaldyny (groom supreme leader's representative) is run. (Parsley family tree in a comprehensive book have already been published )
The collection of memorabilia and Zandiyan Afsharieh courses including building entrance, vestibule and windward buildings, building regulations and Hall Mirror Garden, Mansion Tehrani, water reservoir has two openings and Nasir Bagh. Garden landscaping and fruit trees such as cypress and pine had grapes and red flowers and Mohammadi also be seen in the garden.

Main Street in this collection of martyr Rajai Grfthast and the other is located at Boulevard Dolatabad and virtually no input in the restoration and reconstruction. So from the main traffic is performed. Arrival of a large vestibule, we pass the offering and sale of local handicrafts such as pottery is. Interior garden is almost green and somewhat Kashan Fin Garden will remind viewers in mind.
With the difference that makes Fin Garden in Kashan Mmvrtr effects while Nasir Bagh Although there certainly seems to be custodians of the irrigation well is dry and seen.
Garden lighting at night inside the lighthouse by Lamphayy set and have been periodically comes around that also creates a beautiful landscape. Doors to the main building of wood and carving to be seen in several rooms inside the building is located in most rooms and doors Hvzy been one of the rooms facing the courtyard and garden opens, with colorful glass clad with beautiful designs when there sun and beautiful scenery dock probe being reflected colored spots on marble pool puts on display.
Another room in the famous funnel Dolatabad the height of land is located 33 meters from the ground funnel tallest of its kind and well chill coolers can provide the building



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Zoroastrian temple of Yazd

Temple consists of two parts. The fire is the fire...

Mosque Amir Chakhmaq

Amir flint set the most significant collections...
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